Incorporate Your Company

As low as $549 Fee – See below

With all the choices available today, what makes Lucid Law different? Unlike most service providers, we use a multi-class share structure similar in kind to those in use at large firms without the large firm fees. For more information, call Devrin Froese directly at 604.800.0450 ext 101.

Lucid Law makes it easy to incorporate a company. Our online Incorporation Service guides you through the process, ensuring that all necessary information is supplied. Once complete, a Lucid Law lawyer will take care of the rest. You may also use our PDF Incorporation Form – a fillable PDF file that you can save to your computer, complete electronically, and send as an attachment by email to us at You can also print it, complete it by hand, and fax it to us at 604-800-0451.  If you have questions, call us at 604-800-0450 ext 101.  Once the name is approved, we do our best to incorporate the Company the next business day.

*For Non-Residents of Canada: The British Columbia Business Corporation Act does not restrict directors based on residency within Canada. Thus, a BC Company may be the best choice for those seeking to incorporate a company in Canada, but who live outside Canada.

What You Get when Incorporating through Lucid Law

Our incorporation package includes all the documentation necessary for the incorporation of a well-formed, properly organized company. And because each incorporation is overseen by a lawyer, you can be sure that all procedures and documents adhere to the standards required by the BC Government and the Law Society of BC. In contrast to the many incorporation service providers who are not practicing lawyers, Lucid Law prepares all the necessary incorporation documents and extends legal advice with respect to the organization of your company, at no extra charge.  Shop and compare.

Complete Package – $549 Fee

Our Fee $549
  • Complete Corporate Documents:
    • certificate of incorporation
    • incorporation application
    • incorporation agreement
    • notice of articles
    • articles of incorporation
    • register of directors
    • register of shareholders
    • director resolutions
    • shareholder resolutions
    • director consents
    • share subscriptions
  • Professional legal advice with respect to the formation of your company
  • Choice of company share structure
  • Name Registration, if needed
  • Emailed PDF files of the certificate of incorporation, notice of articles and your incorporation application
Minute Book, Share Certificates, Service Fees $46
Government Filing Fee $380
Total $975* plus tax
*Shipping is an additional $20, if applicable.
*Added fees apply to register Professional corporations
We also offer a Rush Incorporation (done in business 2 days) for an additional $250.

Incorporation + Shareholders’ Agreement

Add a standard Shareholders’ Agreement to your Incorporation package for only an additional $900, a savings of $199.

Read about our standard Shareholders’ Agreement here. Then fill out our Shareholders’ Agreement form and send it to us via fax (604-800-0451) or e-mail (

Information You Need


If you haven’t already reserved a company name, doing so involves choosing three alternate names in order of first, second, and third choice. Once you supply those to us, we do the rest. A name search is carried out, and successful registration takes place if at least one of the names is approved by the British Columbia Registrar of Companies. It is important that your name be unique, be descriptive of the nature of your business, and include a legal designation (“Inc.”, “Incorporated”, “Ltd.”, “Limited”, “Corp.”, “Corporation”). You can, however, bypass name registration and incorporate a numbered company, and change the name at a later date.


We require the full names and addresses of shareholders, directors, and/or officers, be they individuals or companies, as well as the percentage interest of each shareholder.


We require the British Columbia street address for the corporation’s registered and records office. You may supply an address or use our office. We charge $250 per year, plus applicable taxes.


We generally offer two different share structures: a simple structure with common voting and non-voting shares; or a complex structure with common and preferred shares. If you are unsure which will suit you best, we can help you decide.

Incorporate Now:

For your convenience, you can choose either to utilize our Online Incorporation Service; or you can use our PDF Incorporation Form, which is a fillable PDF file, allowing you to save it to your computer, complete it electronically, and send it as an attachment by email to us at You can also print it, complete it by hand, and fax it to us at 604-800-0451.