Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

We act for many ordinary and extraordinary British Columbians just like you. We provide professional advice in a relaxed setting, generally at our office, but also at our client’s location if that is what makes sense.

Our clients include young and old alike. We draft a lot of Wills and Powers of Attorney for parents of young children who are concerned about providing a guardian for their minor children and ensuring that their children’s financial needs will be met in the event of their death.

As individuals get older, Wills and Powers of Attorney continue to be the primary estate planning vehicles but depending on age and circumstances various types of trusts are often used to ensure that assets pass to their intended beneficiaries in a most tax efficient way.

For those individuals that are 65 years of age and older, planning often involves discussion around the use of advanced directives, representation agreements and other estate planning vehicles such as alter ego trusts, spousal trusts and joint partner trusts.

Standard Estate Package for an individual
Standard Will, Power of Attorney, Nomination of Committee – $650 plus taxes

Standard Estate Package for a Couple
2 x Standard Wills with trusts for children, 2x Power Of Attorney, 2 x Nomination of Committee – $750 plus taxes

Joint Partner Trusts, Spousal Trusts or Alter Ego Trusts – $2500.00 plus taxes and disbursements

If we can provide any assistance or answer any of your questions, please give us a call.